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We want to keep your posture happy no matter where you work. We will always support your coccyx, tailbone, back, legs, hips, and spine at work or at home. All the ergonomic benefits, so that you can sit longer, stand taller, and #FeelANEW while you’re at it. With our risk-free trial and return policy, you can try our products risk-free for 21 days!

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Do I Need to Keep Any of The Packaging or Boxes?

Please ensure that the items, including their original packing, complimentary gifts, instructions, and any additional merchandise, are returned to the designated place in excellent condition (s). We are not liable for any things that are lost or damaged in transit, or that are returned because they were delivered to the wrong address.

We will a full refund be issued once the conditions are met. If not, the refund reductions start from 20% as we reserve the right to deduct from your refund. 

We Are Always Here For You.

You may have queries concerning our product. Why not contact our customer service team first before you make a return? We are here for you and will work with you to make things right.


How Do I Start A Return?

If the product still does not work for you and you want to return it, please click the button below.

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