1. Vision

A world without back pain.


  1. Mission:

To create healthier communities while inspiring the people to move towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


  1. Our Story

The big idea started during the first Movement Control Order (MCO) in May 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most people were stuck working from home and we were amaze by the number of people complaining about their sore backs, necks and shoulders. Many of our chiropractor friends also saw an increase in patients seeking for medical consultation. Thus, ANEW was born.


We believe it’s important to spread the awareness on the importance of taking care of yourself and help more people before it’s too late. Once we learn to take care of ourselves, we’ll have the alignment and power to take care of our loved ones or even create an impact by contributing back to the society.


We are in the business of helping people. Together, let’s inspire a world without back pain and move towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life – Stand Tall.


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