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ANEW is a Malaysian wellness brand focusing on ergonomic solutions designed to help you enjoy better health and comfort while improving your performance in your everyday activities.  

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Looking for the perfect corporate gifts for your clients or employees?  

SAY NO to conventional mugs, bags, T-shirts, and other boring gifts!

Is it just us, or are corporate gifts sometimes way more boring than they have to be?!

Your best clients or employees probably have no desire for a card, calendar, or item branded with your company logo. If your boring, company-branded gift somehow manages to avoid the trash, it’ll probably end in their drawers or cabinets somewhere.

Delicious food, drinks, and ice cream can be a good idea but the happiness is only temporary.

At ANEW, we offer Corporate Gifts As You’ve Never Seen Before! 

Give a gift that aligns with a healthy lifestyle while focusing on improved business outcomes.

Here are some unique gift ideas your clients and employees are going to LOVE! 

Affordable price from as low as RM50!

ANEW Ergonomic Back Cushion

Experiencing back pain and fatigue from long hours of sitting?

Get ANEW Ergonomic Back Cushion today to reduce back pain, improve posture and increase productivity.

This Premium Quality cushion is designed to fit any chair so you to enjoy the great support and maximize comfort.

ANEW Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Sitting long hours is causing you pain in your back, neck, or hips?

ANEW Ergonomic Seat Cushion is designed to provide maximum support, and comfort & promotes healthy posture while reducing pressure on your coccyx/ tailbone.

Suitable for all chairs to relieve back pain and sciatica. 

ANEW Ergonomic Footrest 

Feeling tired from prolonged sitting? Not getting good support because of dangling feet?

ANEW Ergonomic Footrest is designed to evenly spread pressure to relax your muscles & relieve foot soreness.

Keeps your feet & legs elevated for better posture & promotes blood circulation.

ANEW Premium PU Leather Desk Mat

Designed for the Modern-day Workspace! It's big enough to fit your laptop, mouse, and keyboard.

It can be used as a mouse pad, desk mat, desk blotter, and writing pad due to its soft and smooth surface.

Instantly enhanced your workspace with our Premium PU Leather Desk Mat to create a clean and minimal look.

ANEW Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Support your wrist when using a mouse!

This wrist rest was designed with ergonomist input and approval to provide you with optimal health, comfort, and protection by minimizing the impact of repetitive strain on your hands through perfect alignment, specific measurements, and a distinctive curved shape.

ANEW Ergonomic Laptop Stand

This ANEW Laptop Stand for desk can raise your laptop with 7 different adjustable height levels to fit your perfect eye level, to enjoy the most comfortable viewing angle for your daily long periods of work.

This laptop stand also positions your keyboard at a better angle for typing, to prevent you from hunching over your screen, which reduces neck and shoulder pain. 


Why You Should Choose ANEW Ergonomic Products for Better Comfort and Support?

Healthier and Happier Team Members

Employees who are healthier, happier, and feel valued at work are more likely to perform better in engagement, productivity, and quality.

Reduced Operation Cost

Promote better business performance and increased savings with reduced costs associated with preventable injuries, worker’s compensation claims, and absenteeism.

Enhanced Company Brand

Creating and fostering a safe and healthy culture in your company also enhances your company’s brand as it shows that you care about your people, your work environment, and the work experience of the workers that are coming in to perform every day.

Attract Potential New Talents

Investing in ergonomics for your employees also makes your company more attractive to new hires and top talents in this competitive hiring market as it shows that you value their health and well-being.

What’s A Better Gift Than Comfort and Health? 

At ANEW, we’re passionate about creating A World Without Back Pain. All our ergonomic products are designed to help you and your team members to enjoy better comfort and support to perform your work activities more efficiently.

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Corporate Gifts

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How to Enjoy a Bulk Discount Today?



Submit your inquiry to our email at



We will create the best proposal based on your budget and requirements.

We will find the best gifts to suit your needs together for your team.  



Once confirmed and payment made, we will deliver the products for everyone to enjoy!

Get the best bulk discount on our selection of products and free consultation today.

The truth is, most people are unaware that sitting too long and having poor sitting posture is hurting them.

 However, they sit while having meetings, work, meals, and even resting.

of their time at work is spent sitting

of people are suffering from back pain and neck pain which affects their productivity and quality of work

of poor posture causes long-term injury. 

What if you can…?

Improve the team’s productivity and achieve your company’s objectives and goals this year?

Would it be worth it?

Save on worker’s compensation and health care costs for your company?

How much would it be?

Need more reasons to keep your team healthy and happy?

According to research, here are more benefits of strong workplace ergonomics:

average reduction in employee turnover

average reduction in employee absenteeism

Allocate your corporate gift budget to ANEW Ergonomic Products today!

Not only it is good for your business, but it’s also great for your people too.

Great leaders consider the following when making decisions:

Will this increase our revenues? 

Will this decrease our costs? 

Is this the right thing to do?

Your most valuable asset is healthy employees.

Ergonomics can support your core values of health and safety.

Show appreciation for your team members today!

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